My favorite thing about being in Amsterdam was hearing the afrobeats music —from the top of Adam Tower to the bars and nightclubs I went to later that night. I know most of the top EDM DJs in the world come from the Netherlands, but in this case, I was delighted to not only be hearing so much afrobeats, the first song I Shazam'd was by none other than someone I already knew and love—tayc. My Shazam was keeping busy the whole day and night, haha. So, the first thing I actually did after arriving in Amsterdam was explore the area to look for the Bloemenmarkt , also known as the Amsterdam Flower Market (it's the world's only floating flower market—and it's floating because the booths are sitting on houseboats in the canals). There weren't a lot of flowers to be found, unfortunately, but tons of vendors were selling seeds and bulbs. Found one stall with these dry and fresh plants though! Along the same street were just tons of souvenir shops, cheese shops, and mushroom